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Every day we are bombarded from all sides by news of elections, homelessness, war, cover-ups, global warming, rising house prices, referendums, famine, green energy, education, gay rights, prison over crowding...the list goes on. Each issue affects us all in different ways and the flood of information that sweeps over us can be so overwhelming that it becomes easier just to switch off and subsequently keep opinions to ourselves. But it doesn't have to be that way... Political Pageantry urges everyone to get creative, put their hand up and have a voice!


3rd November:


Elliot Barnes-Worrell

Charles Barrett

Joel Fisher  

Phil Mann

Robin Owen

Alex Myall

David Thaxton / Unborn Twin

Abi Zakarian / Lilly Driscoll

Ella Road


TREMers & Dréim Productions return to the Old Red Lion with a series of theatrical evenings that will feature original performances inspired by the issues of today. This is a fantastic opportunity to see brand new politically minded work using poetry, music, puppetry, drama, spoken word and dance created by a selection of talented performers and artists.


Profits made from these events will be donated to Centre Point and go towards providing a safe place to live for young homeless people, aged 16-25, in London and the North East of England -


"the power

of imagination

makes us infinite"


PRODUCTION: Political Pageantry

DATES: 20 October, 3 November

VENUE: Old Red Lion Theatre

"@officiallyfinch: Huge applause for @ThePageantLDN Standouts were @LaurieCField @kmhopkinson @LucyADobson and @ElliotBWords can't wait for the next one!"


"@BettyGranville: Wonderful night at #politicalpageantry last night. @ElliotBWords Class poem was the absolute highlight! @ThePageantLDN for a great cause too"

"@Nancy_Sullivan: Well well @ThePageantLDN was FANTASTIC tonight. If you have an interest in the news, world and performing you want to be at the next one!!"



"@alysdaroy: Brilliant night of politics, theatre & spoken word @ThePageantLDN! Makes me proud to be a part of the Arts."

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20th October:


Adrian Nicolae

Nick Cassenabaum

Kathryn Hopkinson

Laurie Field

Lucy Dobson

Elliot Barnes-Worrell

Charles Barrett

Oliver J Reeves

Naomi Cooper

20th October - Old Red Lion Theatre

Photos by Ed Clark

3rd November - Old Red Lion Theatre

Photos by Tom Jeavons


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