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Oil & Trouble - FLOWBACK

In Association with Spin Arts Management

Venue: Arts Ed / RADA

Dates: 20 - 24 October / 1 - 5 December 2014







Louise Tanoto              Marta Masiero            Alan Westaway

Fionn Cox-Davies        Lucy Ellinson                Denise Black

Lauren Potter              Joan Cleville                 Jane Leaney

Isobelle Molloy






"the power

of imagination

makes us infinite"

Director / Writer: Lisa Goldman

Choreographer: Ben Duke

Composer: John Avery


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Apply intense pressure to points of weakness and even the hardest things will crack. But what happens to the energy that is released?


When Ellie’s much-loved field gets taken over by a fracking company, she decides to take matters into her own hands. But with Dad working on the site and Nana creating a protest camp, her family appear to be fracturing too. The only one way to protect the earth is to dig down...


Beneath the field is a fantastical world where mouthy Mother Earth and Ellie’s personal spirit, Dervish, live out the impact of extreme energy, whilst in the field above, Nana demonstrates the power of humanity to generate change. As the world below starts to explode into the world above, Ellie plots to put things back to together...

Photography by Rare Moustache