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FABRIC - One Woman Play Workshop

Venue: Jerwood Space

Dates: 24 - 28 November 2014 and 24 - 28 February 2015


Creative Team


Writer: Abi Zakarian

Director: Tom O'Brien

Performer: Nancy Sullivan

Designer: Alyson Cummins

Producer: Robin Rayner for TREMers


Special Thanks:

Robin Fairfield, David Thaxton, Ros O'Connor, David & Eryl Rayner, Amanda Stenson, Kiri Rayner



"the power

of imagination

makes us infinite"


We are currently workshopping a brand new one woman play. The first week of R&D took place 24 - 28 November at the Jerwood Space with writer Abi Zakarian, director Tom O'Brien, designer Alyson Cummins and actress Nancy Sullivan followed by a week of workshops 24 -28 February 2015.



Leah is sorting through all the stuff that has accumulated in her spare room; clothes she doesn't wear, books she doesn't read, things she doesn't need. As she sifts through the detritus-filled boxes she reflects upon her failed marriage and half-completed life, constantly reliving the key moments and events in it; wondering just where it all went wrong and who is really to blame.


An unflinching look at the unraveling of one woman's life, FABRIC questions what it is to be a woman in today's society when the fairytale still has to start with a huge white dress...